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We DO NOT let finances stand in the way for anyone wanting to join our community!  Have questions?  Please ask!  Need a scholarship?  Apply below!

Unlimited Memberships
If you are planning to come join us at least 2-3 times per week than our Unlimited Memberships (starting at $75/mo) are the way to go. We have discounts for spouses and families as well as for Pastors, First Responders, Military, Teachers, and Students.

You can also find our Unlimited Childcare plans here!
Want to just drop in as you can? Our punchcards might be the best solution for you!

You can also find our childcare drop in rate punchcard here!
Want to give a one time gift or contribute to our generosity fund to offset our scholarships? Find all the options here!
Want to help Trinity Fitness Colorado Springs grow and expand as well as promote your business within our growing gym as a sponsor? Find all the information and apply here!
Scholarship Request
Need to request a scholarship? We DO NOT let finances stand in the way of anyone joining our community. Apply here if you need help to join us!
Cancellation Request
We are sad to see you go! Know that we are always here to welcome you back.

We have a 30 day cancellation policy so please cancel in advance.